Part 1 of 2  of my decision process and subsequent installation of a solar energy system (see part 2, Solar Power Installation California Bay Area). VERY long story short: We’re getting a 3.9 kw (DC) solar photovoltaic system installed on our house that should have a “payback” of 8 – 10 years. Now, all the […]

Below is another great submission from Ken (creator of the HomeMade Rotary Trommel Screen). From Ken: “You may remember me as the builder of the red rotary trammel.  I later built a shaker screener because I needed to separate soil and larger stones from 1 inch stone I needed for a driveway.  I made it […]

After looking at a $160 average electricity bill (thank you California tiered rates) I’ve been on  a quest to reduce our monthly spend on electricity.   My wife and I are going to achieve this in two main ways:

One of the common discussions on our printer forum is in regard to the “waste tank” that lies within many inkjet printers.  These “tanks” are actually just ink pads that absorb and then become saturated with ink.   There are a few ways ink becomes deposited on these pads including overspray during borderless printing, printing when […]

HomeMade Monitor Wall Mount A week ago I decided to upgrade to a new 23″ flat panel monitor (since I spend about 80% of my waking hours at the computer).  I was thinking about buying a wall mount, but I discovered two problems: Most didn’t extend from the wall as far as I needed (about […]

A few weeks ago I received the following email: “I’ve written a procedure explaining how to remove a Canon i960 printer from its cover and base and how to prepare it to be operational while out of its case. It’s a 4 page PDF – 1 graphic, 3000 words, 36 paragraphs. Too big for a […]

Cut to the chase?  Go to and read then join!  Honestly, it was the only trip planning site we needed. Back in Febuary of 2008 my family took on the exciting yet daunting task of planning a trip to Walt Disney World.   We knew if we wanted to maximize our trip and have a […]

Over the years since first posting the article on my Homemade Compost Sifter Screen Sieve I’ve received some really amazing comments by some incredibly ingenious site visitors.   A few have even been willing to submit their information for inclusion onto including: Automatic Compost Sifter – Screen Sieve – Screen Shaker for Soil and Compost Over the […]

Years ago I posted my thought on The BEST LED Flashlights.   Unfortunately a few things have happened since publishing that post: 

We’ve had a lot of interest in the Automatic Compost Sifter – Screen post. One visitor of the site, Richard Buxton, posted a comment and sent a picture. I was so impressed I asked him to submit some more details so I could post it up as its own article. So, below we present the […]

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