What is Nifty-Stuff? The name of this site reflects the content… it is a repository of some of the stuff I (Rob Ludlow) consider nifty. The site includes articles, images, and guides to a plethora of subject matter that I want to share with friends, family, and the internet community.

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Most Popular Pages:

Printer Forum (InkJet,  Laser, & 3D Printers)

Everything you wanted to know about printers and cartridges. Ask your inkjet and laser printer questions and get answers from our 8,000 + member printer forum community.


Toner Cartridge Refill

My experiences with Laser Toner Cartridges (refilling and remanufactured / refurbished).


How To Save Electricity

My quest to analyze and reduce our electricity consumption.


Photovoltaic Solar Energy System Install

1) How I made the decision to “go solar” and who to install
2) The full story of the installation process


Printer Total Cost Of Ownership

Calculate how much it really costs to operate your inkjet
or laser printer. Enter all your costs into the excel calculator to
determine your TCO.

Dirt Shaker & Power Barrow

Submitted by one of our site visitors, the dirt shaking screen & power wheelbarrow make quick work of otherwise super labor intensive activities.