Mother’s Nursing Tap Light

My husband loves LEDs (light emitting diodes) and puts them into everything.  He likes that they are so efficient and don’t burn out.

He modified a tap light and changed out the regular bulb for an LED.   It has been perfect for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes.   What I love is that the light isn’t super bright.  This is good because:

1.       It doesn’t blind me, the baby, or my husband when our eyes are adjusted to the light.

2.       LED’s are so efficient the batteries last what seems to be FOREVER!

He has started selling these modified lights to other mothers.  Here is what one had to say after reciving and testing her light:

“The taplights are awesome still. My favorite one is the one that I use in my room. I’ve used it every night since my son was born (about ten hours a night), and I think I’m only on my fourth set of batteries. This seriously is a “magic” light. I mean, it gives off a decent amount of light, and the fact that it runs ten hours a night for over six weeks on two batteries is pretty crazy. I think this light would be great especially as a night light for kids’ rooms because it’s safe (doesn’t use an outlet), and it’s so cheap to use that you can let it run all night.”

If you are interested in buying one of these lights please visit this page: