Musings on Motherhood

Things That Have Helped Me

  • Accept that you’re not perfect.  Your mom wasn’t.  Though you’ll most likely be a better mother than she was in many ways, you won’t be perfect either.  The most important thing is that you love your child as much as you possibly can and make it impossible for anyone to ever question that love.

  • Get together with other moms or just get “out” and go shopping, to the park, on a walk, or to visit family.  If you’re not at home, it’s true you’re not cleaning, but at least you’re not adding to the mess!  (:                                       Some tips for stressless baby outings

  • Journal.  For yourself and baby.  Rather than stressing about getting each thing written perfectly in baby books/scrapbooks, keep a running log in your computer where you can just quickly jot down new/funny things your baby does.  You can always transfer the information later or elaborate if you have more time.  I also found it helpful to do some writing of my own when I found myself getting really stressed or irritated about something in my life.

  • Join a Mother’s Club/online support group – & “club_chat” Yahoo! Group have been great!

  • Do what you feel in your heart is best.  It’s good to consult with other mothers and books, but once you’ve decided on what you feel is best for you and your child, own your decision and be comfortable with your knowledge that you are doing what you feel is best for you even if it may be different than what looks like the majority of other parents.

Favorite Books

The Baby Book by Dr. William Sears
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League International

Favorite Websites (GREAT weekly pregnancy/baby newsletters) (good info on cloth diapers)