Lion’s Fight

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Lion Fight

These pictures were taken at Knowsley Safari Park, I took them from the frint seat of a very small car (believe me, it seemed a lot smaller with this going on about 6 feet -sometimes less- away) I was truly amazed at the quality of the pictures that came out, at the time I had no idea what, if anything I was managing to capture on film. Hearing a lion roar from a few feet away, even through the glass of a car window is something you have to experience to understand!


How it all began, as you can see the lioness was none too pleased to see the lion.


But he kept coming… she kept warning. You can see how close we were to them at this point, that’s the wing mirror of the car!


Unfortunately the wing mirror kinda got in the way of this one, but as you can see she wasn’t happy that the lion didn’t heed the warning!


I love this picture, I think it’s the best of the set. This was literally RIGHT outside the door of the car!


I’m surprised that I wasn’t shaking too much for this picture to come out! Their combined roar could be felt more than heard, an amazing experience.


This is the last picture, I had an edited version of this as my desktop image for over a year after taking the picture, I cropped the male out of the picture and just had the female up, it is a fantastic picture.

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  1. Excelentes fotos! Me encanta ver cómo el león es intimidado por la leona, haciéndose el tonto en la última foto.

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