As you’ve hopefully read I’m pretty anal about backing up my computer and my websites.  I’ve been in the market for a new 2nd online location for my backup files.  Over the years I’ve heard fantastic stories regarding Amazon S3 as a wonderfully inexpensive and reliable  storage system and I’ve been anxious to give it […]

I’ve been SUPER happy with my Hyundai Elantra.  I can’t believe it’s been over 12 years since I did my geeky car purchase calculations and bought it new! Unfortunately over the past year I’ve noticed that it’s been harder and harder to unlock my car and disengage the alarm using both of my keyless remote […]

11 years ago I did what I never thought I’d do… I bought a new car.  I wrote a blog post about my new car purchase calculator and how I made the decision on which car to buy. Well, I went through a similar (but considerably less detailed) process again recently when buying our new […]

In my last post, Cleaning Solar Panels – Does it make much difference, I briefly mentioned the 11 foot telescoping squeegee that I used to clean my solar panels.   Basically the device looked just like this: For the most part this device  works fine for my needs, but I was very excited to get an […]

As I posted a year ago we added solar power  to our house.  Well, I noticed that our panels have a bit of a dusty haze / layer on them (the joys of living on a dirt road).  I’ve cleaned them many times but with significant daily variations in production due to daylight hours, cloud-cover, […]

  This is another great contribution from Ken.  You can see his other creations, the Dirt Shaker & Power Barrow and the HomeMade Rotary Trommel Screen.  He’s got an amazing gift and we’re glad he’s willing to share it with us!   From Ken:

As many of my site visitors know, I own/manage a handful of internet forums including: The Printer Forum (on this site) One of the constant problems with managing a forum is dealing with spammers.   Spammers come in many shapes and forms, but here are the two main types:

Upside down fire?  I know, it sounds crazy, but it really works GREAT!!! One of the community members on BYC posted a topic called “upside down fire building for wood heat”.    I read through the thread and was pretty surprised by the claims:

A while back one of our printer forum members submitted the article  “Canon i960 Printer Cover & Base Removal”.  Another one of our community members, wfmcg, replied that he had created a Canon i960 teardown document with pics.  I asked if he’d be willing to send it to me, and did.   I was impressed and […]

This is the second part in my story of installing a solar photovoltaic system in the Northern California Bay Area.  You can also read Part 1, Solar Panels / Energy. 

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