Dirty Solar Panel

As I’ve pointed out in my other article, “Cleaning Solar Panels – Does it make much difference”, I discovered that it actually does make a difference… and sometimes a surprising amount of difference! Well, last week I was looking at my data on my solar panels and I kept seeing this one panel consistently under-performing Read More …

Power Yard & Lawn Sweeper

  This is another great contribution from Ken.  You can see his other creations, the Dirt Shaker & Power Barrow and the HomeMade Rotary Trommel Screen.  He’s got an amazing gift and we’re glad he’s willing to share it with us!   From Ken:

How To Stop Forum Spam – Anti Spam Systems

As many of my site visitors know, I own/manage a handful of internet forums including: The Printer Forum (on this site) BackYardChickens.com TheEasyGarden.com SufficientSelf.com BackYardHerds.com One of the constant problems with managing a forum is dealing with spammers.   Spammers come in many shapes and forms, but here are the two main types: