Modification of Dollar Store 4-AA Flashlight To LED

I wanted to do a conversion / modification of the flashight I found at the Dollar Tree. I based my mod on this page:

8 – bright White 5mm LEDs:
1 – Dollar Tree 4 – AA Flashlight
8 – 30 ohm resistor.
Misc. wires, solder, etc.

Here is the flashlight prior to the mod.

Here are the LEDs and the resistors all set in place and soldered.

Here is the final assembly ready to go into the flashlight. Looks like something out of The Matrix!

Here is the final light. Unfortunately the 5mm LEDs I used were too tall so I had to cut out the lens to make them fit. It is a bit of a bummer, but I don’t think it will make too much of a difference.

Here are some beam shots:

Order: First Mod, Second Mod, Original Bulb

Footnote: The original bulb was pulling 500ma with 4 NIMH batteries while the 8 LEDs pulled 356ma.