Sheep Weed Abatement

There is a 1.5 acre empty lot behind our house and every year theyd “disc” it to remove weeds for fire suppression.  I’ve heard about people renting goats and sheep for mowing down weeds and thought it would be fun to try, but I never got past the thought. 

Waterproof Basement (mostly)

As you may know, for the past few years I’ve been in process of waterproofing my basement.  Some of the things I’ve done include: Adding gutters to the house Plugging holes in the wall with hydraulic cement Using 4″ irrigation draining pipes to pull the water as far from the house as possible 

Lawn Top Dressing

This summer in Northern California has been pretty hot.  I noticed a few areas of my lawn were more effected than others, specifically brown areas where my sprinklers weren’t getting enough water.   Yes, I could re-arrange the sprinklers or add a few more lines, but I’m just not up to that task.  During some internet Read More …


About a year ago I was really getting into compost. I’ve got heavy clay soil and compost does an excellent job of loosening up the soil for my vegetable garden. Mother nature will compost pretty much anything if you give her enough time. Well, I’m pretty impatient so I’m doing all I can to speed Read More …