Mini RC Car

While I was down in Arizona I saw my brother and his son racing / playing tag with two “Zip Zaps” (Radio Shack’s brand of mini rc cars). They were the coolest things and I knew I had to have one. I asked him how much he paid and he said, “Somewhere around $25 – $30.” I thought “NO WAY.. I could find them much cheaper on eBay so I began my search!!! I found a dealer and bought 3 micro racer knockoffs. When I got them a few days later I compared them to my brothers. Here is what I noticed:1) Mine were cheaper ($5.00 each)
2) His had “progressive steering” which means they could be turned it smaller increments vs. hard right and hard left.
3) Cheaper transmitter.
4) Mine only took 2 AA batteries while his took 4 AAA
5) His had LED headlights and taillights that turned on when he went forward / back (respectively)
6) Did I mention, mine were cheaper!!!

When I have a break and find the box with my electronics / soldering iron, etc. I’m going to start playing around with stuff. Here are some of my first mods I want to try.
1) Add LEDs to the car
2) Dual Cell Mod:
3) Charger: