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Merry Christmas

Well it’s Christmas day and what better time to start this webpage. The picture above is my beautiful siberian husky, Shadow enjoying the first real snow we have had for about 3 years. Shadow was a rescue dog, no doubt I’ll go into the full story of how she ended up with us at some point.

Along with Shadow we have a number of other animals around the place. 5 snakes, a lizard, 2 rats, a cat, a frog and of course, the chickens!

As for me, well I’m 24 and currently living in Stoke-on-Trent in England, I’m half way through an animal management course which I have defered for a year so currently I’m not really doing much. I live with my partner who reluctantly accepts my gradually increasing animal collection.

At the moment pretty much every place in the house has at least one animal, only the kitchen and bathroom have been spared (so far) we have chickens in the garden, garage and front room. The ones in the garden are very healthy, those I have raised from eggs (after the third attempt, though one is a suvivor of the first hatch) the one in the front room –¬†Hawk the infamous rescue malay who is at present perched on the back of the sofa chewing at her diaper – has sinusitis as well as having no feathers on her belly as they were so caked with mite eggs we had to cut them all off! The two in the garage were bought for me by my mum, one is on antibiotics for fungal and bacterial infection in her trachea. They both have vitamin A deficiency too.

Hopefully by spring we will be able to integrate all the chickens together and build a proper run for them in the garden.