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26th December

Well I decided to start a journal on here, it will be mainly animal related (there is always something going on with these critters) though I will probably include some personal stuff too. Today I noticed as I was giving the little banty in the garage it’s antibiotics that the dosage was twice a day… I hadn’t been listening (obviously) when the vet explained and as the antibiotics for Hawk are once a day I ASSumed, so I have just had to phone the emergency vet and ask what I should do, he advised to start giving them twice a day then get into the surgery on the day they open (Wed 29th) and get some more tablets so it can have a full course. I feel so stupid right now!

27-28th December

It is now just gone 6am on the 28th, I have been up all night watcing pictures on the news about the earthquake/tsunami in Asia, I am just … I can’t think of the word, amazed isn’t right.. awed at the power and destruction of nature. All that keeps going through my head is what about all the animals? What will happen to the ecosystem in these areas. There will be epedemics of illness soon, there just isn’t the aid available in the world to deal with something of this size and without any warning.  It truly is humbling.

30th December

Well I’m now 2 roosters down, only one left and he isn’t crowing yet, kinda hoping he never does start to crow because it’s hard getting rid of all these pets. One of the roosters was sick anyway so we figured it was probably for the best in the end.  I think Hawk is geting ready to lay an egg, she was trying to find a dark spot today so I hung towels over part of her cage and put her in without a nappy on.  She’s scratching around and clucking quietly so I think we might have our first egg off her by the end of the day.  Hopefully anyway!

1st Jan 2005

Happy New Year!  Unfortunately Snowball the rooster decided that today would be the day he begins to crow.  Snowball is my favorite rooster, the only one left and I’m hoping we can sort something out with the neighbours so he can stay.  We have had 2 eggs so far off Hawk, one had an eg membrane rolled up inside the egg!  And as though all my animals are impatient for the spring I think the lizard, Caimen might be getting ready to lay some eggs soon too.  She’s VERY active!

6th Jan

Well I’m still not sure about Caimen but she seems to have settled down, Hawk has been going outside for a little bit every day, she is getting on ok with my little flock though she is a bit of a bully!  Snowball hasn’t crowed since that first day so I’m hoping *fingers crossed* that he is going to be a quiet roo.  I’m getting concerned about a bengal cat that has been prowling round the garden…  The chickens are very wary of it and there is nowhere it can spring out at them so I’m hoping everything will be fine.  I’m going to have to fence a run in for them soon.

7th Jan

Well we have got a surprise addition to the family today, an Alaskan Husky, Roscoe.  He’s HUGE!  I was really hoping things would work out with him but the longer he stays here the less likely it seems to me.  There are so many problems, not least of which is the fact that we didn’t introduce them properly and now shadow is frightened of him and he just wants to play with her… so I’m thinking maybe he will not be staying with us.  His owners asked that if there was any problems they wanted him back, I think that may be what happens..