Help Desk Supervisor

Rob Ludlow
Marketing 3401
December 6, 2000The job I have chose that I would be most interested in (at least at this point in my life) would be a Help Desk Supervisor or Manager. This decision is based on previous experience on a Help Desk, and would be a good entry point into the market.There are many qualifications for this position, and they differ from company to company. A few of the most basic and necessary skills and qualifications are as follows:
• BS in Computer Science (or related field)
• Management skills including the ability to motivate and manage employees.
• Familiarity with most common operating systems, for example: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Unix, etc.
• Expert interpersonal skills
• 2-4 years of experience.Fortunately I will be able to gain most of the necessary skills here at CSUH. For example, my management classes (MGMT 3100, 3600, etc.) will help me develop many of the management skills that will be vital in this, or any leadership position. Various technical skill classes are available to help me keep abreast of the most commonly used programs and systems in the industry, for example many of the classes under the CIS and Telecommunications section (CIS 4270, TC 3250 – 4300)
Unfortunately there are other skills that can’t necessarily be gained at school. These skills must be learned through life and work experience. At this point, the only suggestion I can make that would help me in my path, regarding additional courses, deals with management. Such a course would deal specifically with the skills and attributes necessary to be an effective manager of people. This course would develop management and leadership skills such as interpersonal relations, delegation, communication both verbal, written, and mannerism.

This next suggestions isn’t specific to my career path, but would be worth considering for all students. I would like to see the development of some type of “idea incubator”. There are many creative and bright students at this school with new and exciting ideas. Unfortunately many of these ideas are left at that, ideas, because these students do not have direction on what to do next. It would be wonderful if there was a school organized structure that would help students take these ideas and run with them. Such an “incubator” would give students the necessary tools and contacts that they might otherwise find hard to acquire themselves. For example, the school could have contacts with Venture Capitalist firms in the area that are looking for bright new ideas. This “idea incubator” would not only help the students reach there potential, but also give the school a greater reputation and entice additional bright students to enroll at this school