Converting “Clip Fan” to “Clip LED Baby Light”

Before and After

PROBLEM: The wife needs a night light next to the changing table.

SOLUTION: Convert a fan to a light. (I know, I could have just bought a night light, but this was fun!)

6 – bright white 3mm LED’s: 3mm, 3.3V, 30mA
1 – Portable Fan from the dollar store
2 – 10 ohm resistor.
1 – PC Turbo Switch from an old 486.
1 – AC – DC adaptor

I ended up doing a bit of cutting and grinding to get this stuff to fit in the head of the “fan”. I have 2 strings of LEDs in series with a 10 ohm resistor to each set. While the adapter says it has an output of 7volts, it was really putting out something like 9 – 10 volts.

Here is the changing table with and without the new light.